The story is about a jewish family moving to a village called “Hohenems”. They were horse breeders and had other animals as well on their farm, including geese. The duke who brought the family to live in the village expected them to breed fatty geese for him to eat in return for his favor. When an exceptionally harsh winter came, all the animals on the farm were in danger of freezing to death outside and the family debated to let them live inside the warm house together with them. The animals’ point was, that all animals were welcome on Noah’s ark, so the father of the family, as a devout jew who took certain jewish traditions very seriously had to welcome them as well. So one animal species after another got to move into the house, they ate together at the table and were allowed to stay there until the harsh winter was over.

Client: Servus in Stadt & Land 
Illustration: Marion Kamper
Author: Michael Köhlmeier
Art Direction: Sabina Dzinic
Issue November 2020

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